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  • 03.17.2023

    Seeking Information in Dr. Mona Ghosh Investigation

    The FBI’s Chicago Division is seeking information in the investigation of Dr. Mona Ghosh, who was recently indicted on 13 counts of health care fraud.

  • 03.14.2023

    Seeking Victims in Ho Wan Kwok (a/k/a Miles Guo) and Kin Ming Je (a/k/a William Je) Investigation

    The FBI’s New York Division is seeking victim information in relation to an investigation of HO WAN KWOK (a/k/a Miles Guo), KIN MING JE (a/k/a William Je), and the following entities known as GTV Media GTV, G|CLUBS, G|MUSIC, G|Fashion, and the Himalaya Exchange.

  • 02.06.2023

    Seeking Victims of Chesapeake Walmart Shooting

    The FBI is assisting the Chesapeake Police Department (CPD) with investigating the November 22, 2022, shooting at the Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia.

  • 02.02.2023

    Seeking Victims in Dwayne Yuen Investigation

    The FBI is seeking to identify potential victims of Dwayne Yuen, who has been charged and arrested for possession of sexually explicit photos of underage individuals.

  • 01.13.2023

    Seeking Potential Victims in Jaime Gonzalez-Farias Investigation

    The FBI’s Columbia Division is seeking to identify potential victims of Fr. Jaime Gonzalez-Farias who allegedly coerced and enticed a minor, allegedly committed aggravated sexual abuse of a child, and allegedly transported a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

  • 01.05.2023

    Seeking Victims in the Phoenix Group Homes Targeting Native Americans Investigation

    The FBI is seeking victims who may have been recruited to live in and attend services in group homes (Behavioral Health Residential Facilities) located in Phoenix, Arizona, between January 2020 to present.

  • 12.12.2022

    Seeking Victims in Trent Lilly Investigation

    The FBI Springfield Field Office is seeking to identify potential victims of Trent A. Lilly, who was recently charged with possessing and producing sexually explicit photos and videos of underage individuals.

  • 11.23.2022

    Seeking Victims in Jacob Jacobsen Investigation

    The FBI is seeking the public's help in identifying potential victims that were under the age of 18 who may have been asked by Jacob Jacobsen to produce or view sexually graphic videos or photographs, or engage in sexual conduct.

  • 11.21.2022

    Seeking Victims in the HashFlare Investigation

    The FBI’s Seattle Division is seeking information from potential victims of two fraudulent schemes launched by Ivan Turõgin and Sergei Potapenko through their companies HashCoins,, and Polybius.

  • 10.04.2022

    Seeking Victims in David Patrick Sheffield Investigation

    The FBI’s Chicago Division is seeking victims who were asked by David Patrick Sheffield to produce and transmit sexually explicit videos and photos.

  • 09.21.2022

    Seeking Victims in the FLiK and CoinSpark Investigation

    The FBI’s Atlanta Division is seeking potential victims of the FLiK and CoinSpark cryptocurrency investor defrauding schemes.

  • 08.01.2022

    Seeking Victims in Zadeh Kicks Investigation

    The FBI’s Portland Division is seeking potential victims in an investor defrauding scheme. Michael Malekzadeh owned and operated a company called Zadeh Kicks between 2013 and May 20, 2022, in which he acquired and resold footwear. Many customer orders were never filled or reimbursed. On May 20, 2022, Zadeh Kicks was placed into court ordered receivership in Lane County, Oregon.

  • 06.06.2022

    Seeking Victims in Mass Marketing Fraud Investigation

    The FBI is seeking potential victims of a mass marketing fraud. Victims received solicitations from one of several companies (listed below) between November 2020 and November 2021. These solicitations ranged from $500 to $2,000 for cleaning product and/or PPE materials and requested that physical checks be mailed to either Rochester, New York, or Southeast Florida (Boca Raton/Fort Lauderdale).

  • 05.25.2022

    Seeking Victims in Yue Vang Investigation

    The FBI’s Minneapolis Division is seeking victims of Yue Vang in a sextortion investigation.

  • 05.05.2022

    Seeking Victims in South Texas Gas Pump Skimmers Investigation

    The FBI is seeking potential victims of a gas pump credit card skimmer fraud. The subjects in this investigation affixed skimmers to gas pumps to steal victims’ credit/debit card numbers in order to make purchases. They operated in the general vicinity of Corpus Christi, Texas from approximately January 2020 to present.

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