Election Security is Second Nature at FBI Omaha

For more than 30 years, the FBI has served as the primary investigative agency responsible for engaging with our election security counterparts to coordinate strategies and safeguard election integrity.

That role includes investigating allegations of voter and ballot fraud, campaign finance crimes, civil rights violations, computer crimes affecting voter registration and electronic voting systems, and threats posed by foreign governments and actors.

FBI Omaha, along with all FBI field offices across the country, has assigned a special agent and an intelligence analyst as election crimes coordinators. Together they lead our office’s efforts to generate intelligence, investigate threats, and serve as the primary points-of-contact for all election-related matters in FBI Omaha’s area of responsibility. The election crimes coordinators are focused on preventing and reacting to election crimes.

The FBI Omaha field office assigns election crime coordinators to prevent and react to election crimes.

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The FBI Omaha field office will investigate and prosecute violations of elections laws.

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The FBI takes any allegations of election-related violations of federal law very seriously. Because of that, the Bureau has strengthened the way we handle election crime complaints. The Campaign Finance and Ballot Fraud Initiative is designed to work closely with the Department of Justice Public Integrity Section’s Election Crimes Branch to address campaign finance and election crimes issues.

FBI Omaha wants the public to know that violating election laws will not be tolerated. We have seen a variety of schemes, including double voting, voter intimidation, ballot box stuffing, conduit campaign contributions, and vote buying. Since the creation of the Campaign Finance and Ballot Fraud Initiative, the FBI has successfully investigated these crimes in a proactive manner.

We react to suspected election crimes as quickly as possible, because Americans have a right to expect fair, open, and honest elections—it’s a cornerstone of our democracy. A confident public is more likely to vote, trust the outcome of the election, and know their vote made a difference.

The FBI prioritizes stopping voter and ballot fraud, and the Omaha field office investigates many election-related crimes to that end: intentionally giving false information when registering to vote, receiving money or something of value in exchange for your vote, voting more than once in a federal election, or election officials using their office to benefit a candidate or party.  

The FBI Omaha field office prioritizes investigating voter and ballot fraud.

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Qualified voters cannot be prevented from getting to the polls.

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Our job is to prevent violations of the Constitutional rights of Americans. To do so, the FBI proactively investigates election civil rights violations and closely coordinates with our partners to safeguard our voting processes. 

FBI Omaha examines all alleged election-related civil rights crimes, including threats of physical or economic harm to voters unless they cast their ballots in a particular way, deceptive attempts to prevent qualified voters from getting to the polls in a federal election, or schemes implemented to prevent minorities from voting.

The Omaha Field Office is prepared to investigate election-related civil rights violations and election crimes as they appear, but we need the help of the communities we serve. If you suspect your voting rights have been violated, or you are aware of an election-related crime, contact FBI Omaha at (402) 493-8688 or notify us online at tips.fbi.gov. For more election security resources please visit fbi.gov/elections.