FBI Little Rock
Public Affairs Officer Jessica Franklin
June 24, 2022

Northwest Arkansas Educator Receives FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award

LITTLE ROCK, AR—Yesterday, FBI Little Rock Special Agent in Charge (SAC) James A. Dawson presented the 2021 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award to Dr. Blake Robertson, the former President of Northwest Technical Institute (NWTI). Dr. Robertson is also an instrumental founding member of the Latin Community Organization (LCO) which serves the whole state of Arkansas.

“Dr. Robertson’s work has significantly contributed to the FBI’s mission in Arkansas,” said SAC Dawson. “His passion for teaching adult community members in Northwest Arkansas coupled with his drive to help immigrants and reformed criminals assimilate into the fabric of our society is wholly commendable.”

In addition to Dr. Robertson’s ongoing efforts at NWTI and LCO, his education in criminal justice has allowed him to play a noteworthy role in establishing the Springdale Re-entry Program for recently released inmates. Dr. Robertson also travels across the nation on behalf of the Council on Occupational Education to accredit career and technical schools. Through his work with NWTI, Dr. Robertson voluntarily equips law enforcement and military personnel with career-enhancing technical skills. Dr. Robertson’s work with immigrants, reformed criminals, and local legislators improves educational access for all Arkansans and affords typically ostracized individuals the opportunity to obtain a variety of degrees and certifications which assist in their career growth and integration into society.

“I am a lucky man because I have truly enjoyed my work over the past 34 years of public service,” said Dr. Robertson. “I felt called to work with previously incarcerated men and women to provide them an avenue to a legal and productive job. By working with them at NWTI on adult education and career enhancement, I know they have a much better chance of not going back to the old influences which got them in prison. I have felt satisfaction in working with recent immigrants in our wonderful society and I have found open hearts in all phases of this American life. A person who works in community service does it because it is a calling and never thinks about 'what is in it for me,' and that makes the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award so special. I am humbled to receive this award, and I challenge everyone to find one thing that will benefit Arkansas in your daily life and do it.”

The FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award was formally created in 1990 to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in the United States. Every year, FBI field offices throughout the country select a community partner to receive this prestigious award. Last year’s Arkansas recipient was Dr. Rajesh Nayak, a valued member of FBI Little Rock’s InfraGard organization.

FBI Little Rock congratulates Dr. Blake Robertson and thanks him for his work in serving our Arkansas communities.

Dr. Blake Robertson, DCLA, Little Rock