FBI Linguists: The Opportunities for Linguists

FBI linguists talk about the opportunities they have in their FBI careers.

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Arabic Linguist: It's a good opportunity for someone—let's see—serving the country. It's like you don't have to be in the armed forces where they utilize languages well. You could be here as well. We have, sometimes, trips. We go abroad even, for whatever the reason is, where linguists are needed. It's been really a pleasurable experience, wonderful experience to be with the FBI.

Korean Linguist: As a language analyst for the FBI, we have millions of training opportunities. I can start with training on being a better linguist, training on better translation, better interpretation, and even I was trained on public speaking. It was called PSC—Presentation Strategy Course—and that was given to me about three years ago. As a contract linguist, I would have been on the bottom of the list, but because I was a language analyst, I was able to get that training. So there are many, many trainings available.

Spanish Linguist, Southwest Region: Everybody always says that a career with the FBI is an adventure. And I believe it, because if you apply to canvases, and you say yes to all the different opportunities that they have here, you'll never have a dull day at work. And the variety of casework that would make things interesting, too, and so I knew that I could go on to be a quality reviewer, quality inspector. I'd no idea about teaching, because that is fairly new to do it virtually. But once I saw that I absolutely wanted to do it.

Spanish Linguist, North Central Region: When I found out that there was opportunities as linguists—as Spanish linguists—to help the Bureau, get a job as a contractor, and you could do it part time, that would be great. Because I was teaching and then during the summers when I was off, I was able to offer more of my time to the Bureau or on the weekends, because it was a high demand. I feel that I've contributed to the FBI's mission by being part of the team in Chicago. And not only working in Chicago, but working with Headquarters, so I could support other investigations throughout the nation, being granted opportunities to go overseas to help out as an interpreter. Currently, opportunities also teaching again within the bureau. So, the training is there, the opportunities are there, and so you want to seize the moment and take those opportunities and continue to develop as a linguist.

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