FBI San Diego
Special Agent Davene Butler
(858) 320-1800
October 20, 2017

Five San Diego Bank Robberies in Two Weeks

FBI Seeks Assistance to Identify Series Robbers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the San Diego Violent Crimes Task Force are seeking the public’s assistance to identify the individuals responsible for a series of bank robberies throughout San Diego County. The following five bank robberies, which occurred within a two week period, are believed to be associated:

Four of the robberies are similar: a sole unidentified male entered the bank. In all instances, the robber made similar demands and had similar mannerisms while inside the banks. For example, the robber would approach the first teller and made a verbal demand for cash. When the teller complied, the robber then demanded cash from a second teller. After receiving the second amount of cash, the robber fled the bank on foot. Witnesses did not observe a weapon during the robberies. Witnesses from each of the banks have provided a similar description of this robber:

Robber #1: Black male; approximately 30 years old; approximately 5’6”—5’9” tall; medium build.

During the most recent robbery occurring on October 19th, two unidentified males entered and robbed the bank in a coordinated fashion. Robber #1 as described above and Robber #2 is described by witnesses as:

Robber #2: Black male; approximately 20—30 years old; approximately 5’11” tall; slender build.

Investigators believe these five robberies are associated and are asking for the public to provide any available information regarding these robbers to law enforcement or Crime Stoppers.