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May 21, 2018

Twenty-Three Arrested on Fort Apache Indian Reservation

FORT APACHE, AZ—On May 15, 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, partnered with ATF, DEA, BIA, state and local partners, executed 34 federal and state arrest warrants on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

The executed warrants included federal charges for narcotics trafficking, assault, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and violations of supervised release/probation. State charges include felony failure to appear and probation violations stemming from assault, DUI, sexual assault and narcotics trafficking.

“The FBI, along with our law enforcement partners, will continue to identify, pursue, and apprehend fugitives from justice. These arrests send a strong message that you cannot hide on Arizona’s Indian Reservations in order to avoid criminal charges,” according to FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael DeLeon.

The FBI would like to recognize the outstanding coordination with the DEA, White Mountain Apache Police Department, White Mountain Apache Rangers, Gila County Sheriff’s Office, ATF, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, and the United States Attorney’s Office on this operation.

Related court documents and information may be found on PACER https://www.pacer.gov/.

As of July 13, 2018, this is the updated status of the individuals wanted on federal and state warrants:

Name Age Pacer # Status
Margarita Lupe, aka Bapes 29 3:18-cr-08133-DJH Apprehended
Gumercindo Hernandez, aka Chindo 37 3:18-cr-08061-GMS Apprehended
Karl Harris 38 3:18-cr-08160-DGZ Apprehended
Adam Cournoyer 26 3:18-cr-08141-JJT Apprehended
Franco Massey 36 3:18-cr-08140-DLR Apprehended
Travis Bead 32 3:05-cr-00012-DGC Apprehended
Brandon Wright 28 3:18-cr-08137-DJH Apprehended
Colin Kyle Walker 28 3:18-cr-08139-DGC Apprehended
Erman Gloshay 47 State Warrant Apprehended
Matthew Hinton Jr 26 3:18-cr-08143-DLR Apprehended
Lucas Henry 23 3:18-cr-08138-GMS Apprehended
Hanson Truax 32 3:18-cr-08137-DJH Apprehended
Kistler Griggs 41 3:17-cr-08166-JPL Apprehended
Chavez Bo Henry 31 3:16-cr-08132-DLR Apprehended
Chad Tessay 32 3:12-cr-08098-GMS Apprehended
Devin Ivins 35 3:15-cr-08130-SRB Apprehended
Garren Keith Gass 27 3:16-cr-08129-JZB Apprehended
John Hoskie 33 3:17-cr-08062-SPL Apprehended
Rovene Johnson 33 3:06-cr-00443-GMS Apprehended
Leon Hinton 64 Cr-18-8015-PCT-DJH Apprehended
Steven Ivins 28 3:15-CR-08110-DKD At Large
Brazie Boyd Johnson 29 2:13-cr-00834-SRB Apprehended
Andrew Kane Jr 38 State Warrant Apprehended
Daniel Kessay 45 Local Warrant At Large
John Lupe 63 State Warrant Apprehended
Samson James 30 State Warrant Apprehended
Samuel Meade 39 State Warrant Apprehended
Sheena Clendon 34 State Warrant Apprehended
Alicia Nosie 35 State Warrant Apprehended
Otis Rico 32 State Warrant At Large
Isaiah Redbird 32 State Warrant At Large
Juvenile - - Apprehended
Raquel Truax 36 State Warrant Apprehended
Murphy Dehose 56 State Warrant Apprehended