FBI Newark
Public Affairs Specialist Amy Thoreson
June 28, 2022

FBI Newark Warns Asian Business Owners to be Aware of Burglars

Criminals Are Surveilling These Victims and Burglarizing Their Residences

NEWARK, NJ—The FBI Newark Field Office sees a rise in home burglaries involving Asian American business owners. Burglary rings are casing Asian-owned businesses to learn the life patterns of the owners. The burglars will sometimes enter the business owner’s car while the victim is working in order to learn where they live. Other times, the burglars will follow a business owner home. While the victim is at work running the business, the burglars return to the victim’s home, break in, and steal cash and valuables. The victims are targeted, in part, due to the stereotype that Asian business owners have items of high value in their homes.

The FBI wants business owners to be aware of this trend and offers these preventive measures:

  • Keep your car locked while at work and secure your registration
  • Be cognizant of any cars in the neighborhood that aren’t normally there
  • Be aware of anyone who might be following you home
  • Give thought to how you secure valuables in your house
  • Motion sensor lighting on the front and back of a home will help deter break-ins
  • Install surveillance cameras on or around the home and business
  • Consider having a home or business alarm system installed

Most importantly, if you are victimized, immediately report it to your local police department.