FBI Newark
Public Affairs Specialist Amy Thoreson
January 5, 2024

FBI Newark Seeks Information on Missing American in Italy

The Newark FBI is asking for the public’s help in the investigation of an American man from Marlboro, NJ, who hasn’t been since in 2019. FBI agents are assisting the Marlboro Police Department searching for Liam Biran, (dob: 01/26/1987) who was last seen hiking in a remote area of Italy.

Investigators say Liam left home on April 8, 2019, to visit his grandparents in Israel, and from there traveled to wine country in Italy, and planned to go to France.

Liam was booked on a flight to return to the United States from Paris on May 16, 2019. Liam was not on the flight. His last known activity was on May 9, 2019, when a credit card he was known to use was used to purchase a train ticket from Turin, Italy, to the Aosta Valley, Italy. During the investigation, Italian police detectives discovered Liam was in the Aosta Valley, and stayed in multiple hostels and became friendly with other travelers.

Before his trip in 2019, Liam spent time living and working in New Orleans, LA, as well as New York City, NY. He wrote an online blog discussing his love of wine and wine country. His family and friends say Liam loves to travel and discussed the goal of becoming a sommelier.

Liam has brown hair, brown eyes, is around 160 pounds, 5’8” tall, with a muscular build. He has a gap between his two front teeth. If anyone has information about Liam or his disappearance, they are asked to contact the FBI Newark at 973-792-3000, or the FBI tips page at tips.fbi.gov.

Liam Biran poster; missing person, Newark
Liam Biran, Missing, Newark, Italy
Liam Biran