Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Special Agent?

Our special agents come from all walks of life. They are computer scientists, engineers, lawyers, pilots, military veterans, accountants, teachers, and more. We train them to interrogate suspects, investigate foreign spies, and infiltrate organized crime. They serve on SWAT teams, track cyber thieves, and supervise complex terrorism investigations. Above all, they uphold the rule of law, defend civil rights and civil liberties, and protect the innocent.

On June 2, 2021, FBI Chicago will hold a virtual Diversity Agent Recruitment (DAR) event to connect with diverse candidates that maintain deep personal integrity, a commitment to the United States, and the ability to connect with the communities we serve.

Through the Diversity Agent Recruitment (DAR) program, we want to collaborate with your organization to attract diverse, qualified applicants to the special agent role.

Interested candidates should submit their resume to the Chicago DAR Talent Network via for consideration. The FBI will review all resumes and invite qualified individuals to the DAR event. Candidates for the special agent position must be U.S. citizens between the ages of 23 and 36.

Questions about the DAR event? Please reach out to Recruiter Marybeth King at (312) 421-6700.

The FBI is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applications will receive consideration. Participation in DAR is not a prerequisite for applying to the special agent program.