FBI Boston
Kristen Setera
(857) 386-2905
October 28, 2023

Statement from FBI Boston Division Special Agent in Charge Jodi Cohen on the Lewiston, Maine, Mass Shooting

First and foremost, our condolences to the victims, their families, and the community. From the onset of this tragic situation, the FBI has been working around the clock to support our law enforcement partners, deploying more than 350 special agents, analysts, task force officers, and support personnel to assist in this investigation. In addition to this extra manpower, all our specialty teams were activated, including Evidence Response, SWAT, the Hostage Rescue Team, and the Victim Services Response Team, just to name a few. 
Even though the suspect was found deceased last night, our work does not stop. There are many questions that need to be answered, there is a lot of evidence to be processed, and, most importantly, the victims and their families deserve special care and consideration. 

Today, we are opening the family assistance center to do everything we can to meet the needs of those whose lives have been changed forever. The FBI has over 40 victim specialists from all over the country who are here to support our partners in meeting the needs of the victims and their loved ones.  

We helped our law enforcement partners create this one central space for victims to gather so they don’t have to make multiple stops as they seek help. 

At this Family Assistance Center, they will be able to access a variety of resources, everything from mental health services, financial aid, spiritual care, and victim advocacy. 

We also want to encourage individuals who were present at the shooting sites, but not physically injured, to visit this center and take advantage of the services being offered. 

The toll this type of tragedy takes on victims and their families is immeasurable, and we ask everyone to respect their privacy at this difficult time. We also ask the public to be patient as law enforcement continues to run every lead to ground so we can get the victims, their families, and the community the answers they deserve.