FBI Albuquerque
Public Affairs Specialist Frank Fisher
(505) 889-1438
October 2, 2015

September Bank Robbers Wanted by the FBI in New Mexico

The FBI and Albuquerque Police Department are looking for those responsible for committing five  bank robberies or attempted bank robberies last month and two bank robberies in September 2014.

Although these robberies were previously publicized, the FBI is asking the public to take another look at the photos and information for the following bank robberies and immediately contact the FBI at (505) 889-1300 if they know the whereabouts or other information about any of the suspects. Tips also can be submitted online at https://tips.fbi.gov.

The FBI may pay a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a bank robbery suspect.

September 30, 2015
Where: Bank of Albuquerque, 4201 Wyoming Blvd. NE.
Suspect Description: Heavy-set while male in his mid-20s to early 30s, approximately 5’10” to 5’11” tall, with reddish brown hair and a beard.  He wore a black baseball cap with a white Under Armour logo on it, a gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and shoes with black soles.  

The FBI and Albuquerque Police Department are looking for those responsible for committing five bank robberies or attempted bank robberies last month and two bank robberies in September 2014.

September 26, 2015 (attempted robbery)
Where: Wells Fargo, 3701 Constitution Ave. NE
Suspect Description: African-American woman in her early 20s, approximately 5’5” to 5’6” tall, with a thin build and long dark hair with blonde highlights.  She wore a long-sleeve olive green T-shirt, blue jeans, a camouflage boonie hat and carried a backpack with letters of the alphabet and yellow, orange, blue and black squares on it. She may have left on a bicycle. 

Suspect who attempted to rob a Wells Fargo bank inside a Smith’s grocery store located at 3701 Constitution Ave. in northeast Albuquerque on September 26, 2015.

September 23, 2015
Where: Washington Federal, 1301 Wyoming Blvd NE
Suspect Description: Hispanic male approximately 5’8” tall, heavyset build, with dark brown eyes. He wore a dark hooded sweatshirt with a light-colored sweatshirt underneath, dark pants with dark cargo shorts over them, sunglasses and nylon or similar material that covered his nose and the lower half of his face. He may have left in a gray or blue Chevrolet Impala with a teal N.M. license plate.

Suspect who robbed the Washington Federal Bank at 1301 Wyoming Blvd NE on September 23, 2015.

September 8, 2015
Where: Washington Federal, 3761 New Mexico 528
Suspect Description: White male in his 30s, approximately 5’7” tall, with a medium build and brown hair.  He wore eyeglasses, a blue hooded sweatshirt and long pants. 

Suspect who robbed a Washington Federal Bank branch at 3761 New Mexico 528 in Cottonwood Corners in northwest Albuquerque on Tuesday, September 8.

September 5, 2015 (attempted robbery)
Where: Bank of the West, 4221 San Mateo Blvd.
Suspect Description: Hispanic or Native American male, approximately 5’8” tall, and weighing about 170 pounds.  He wore a hooded black jacket, sunglasses, a baseball cap with a red brim, dark pants, dark shoes, and a brown bandana or ski mask that covered the lower half of his face.

Suspect who attempted to rob a Bank of the West branch at 4221 San Mateo Blvd. in northeast Albuquerque on Saturday, September 5, 2015. 

September 17, 2014
Where: BBVA Compass Bank, 9500 Sage Road SW
Suspect Description: Two suspects are described as black males. The first suspect was in his 20s, approximately 5’9” to 5’11” tall, 150 to 155 pounds, with a slender build, light freckles on his face, thin eyebrows, and a faded possibly green tattoo about the size of a quarter on his left cheek. He wore a gray hooded sweatshirt, black pants, and a dark bandana that covered part of his face. The second suspect was also in his 20s, approximately 5’9” tall, about 165 pounds, with a slender build. He wore a dark green hooded sweatshirt, sagging light gray sweat pants with black basketball shorts underneath, black Nike sneakers with a white Nike logo, and a black bandana that covered part of his face.

Bank Robbers wearing hoodies

September 12, 2014
Where:  BBVA Compass Bank, 12001 Sierra Grande Ave. NE
Suspect Description: Dark-skinned male in his 20s, approximately 5’7” to 5’10” tall, weighing about 150 pounds, with a slender to medium build. He wore a black hoodie with a small gray skull design on the chest, gray or blue jeans, and black sneakers with white soles. The suspect’s face was covered by a dark towel or bandana.

Suspect who robbed the BBVA Compass Bank branch located at 12001 Sierra Grande Ave. NE, in Albuquerque, on September 12, 2014.

Bank robbery is punishable by a 20-year prison sentence for each offense, and the penalty increases if a dangerous weapon is used in the commission of the crime.

Information and FBI wanted posters on bank robberies in New Mexico and across the United States can be found at bankrobbers.fbi.gov.