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Spies haven’t gone the way of the Cold War.

Far from it. They’re more prolific than ever—and targeting our nation’s most valuable secrets. As the lead agency for exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities on U.S. soil, the FBI works to keep weapons of mass destruction and other embargoed technologies from falling into wrong hands, to protect critical national secrets and assets, and to strengthen the global threat picture by proactively gathering information and intelligence.

In Depth

Inside FBI Counterintelligence
- National Strategy
- Leadership
- Cases Past and Present
- The Intel-Driven FBI
- Organizational History in FBI

Safeguarding Secrets &
Keeping Safe

- Economic Espionage
- Elicitation Techniques
- The Insider Threat
- Intellectual Property Protection
- Internet Social Networking Risks
Key to U.S. Student Safety Abroad
- Colleges/Universities Targeted
- Safety Tips for U.S. Students Traveling Abroad
- Safety Tips for U.S. Business Travelers Abroad
- For Businesses: Risks & Mitigations of Visitors
- Strategic Partnership Programs
- Supply Chain Risk Management for Government

Key Issues/Threats
- Worldwide Threats Testimony (pdf)
- National Counterintelligence Strategy
- Counterproliferation Center
- Economic Espionage
- Weapons of Mass Destruction

Our Partners
- Director of National Intelligence
- National Counterintelligence Executive
- National Counterproliferation Center
- Strategic Partnerships
- U.S. Business
- U.S. Academia




window.jpg Report Espionage!
You can pocket up to $500,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a spy or to the prevention of espionage. To report suspicious activities, contact your local field office or submit an anonymous tip.  
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Look over our collection, which offers threat info and security tips on a variety of topics, like social networking risks, insider threats, and keeping safe abroad. Brochures