Murder Victim
Alliance, Portage County, Ohio
August 25, 1994

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Kathryn Menendez
Sarah Rae Boehm


Wanted by the FBI: Seeking Information in the Murder of Sarah Rae Boehm

The FBI is seeking information about the murder of a 14-year-old girl from outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Height 5'2"
Weight 144 pounds
Sex Female
Race White


Sarah Rae Boehm, a fourteen-year-old female teen, was reported missing by her parents on July 14, 1994, to local law enforcement in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Several months later, on November 4, 1994, Sarah's remains were discovered in the "Berlin Reservoir," located within an Ohio state park, Portage County, Ohio. This rural community in Ohio was located approximately two hours away from the victim's home in Pennsylvania.


Additionally, Kathryn Menendez, another female teen victim, went missing on August 25, 1994, and her nude body was found several days later on an oil road near the "Berlin Reservoir." Kathryn had been strangled to death. Both Sarah and Kathryn's bodies were located approximately 1/2 mile apart in the same Ohio state park. Seventeen-year-old Kathryn was from Portage County, Ohio.


Information is being sought in both cases. Specifically, how Boehm from Pennsylvania ended up murdered in Ohio and information regarding the murder of Menendez. Investigators believe the two cases may be related. The FBI from both Pennsylvania and Ohio have been working closely with local law enforcement from Portage County, Ohio, as well as Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

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