Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substance; Aiding and Abetting

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Evelyn C. Guzman, "Lillian"


Date(s) of Birth Used August 20, 1981
Place of Birth Mexico
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'5"
Weight 130 pounds
Sex Female
Race White (Hispanic)
Occupation Unknown
Nationality Mexican
Scars and Marks None known
NCIC W777825013


The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of Evelyn Guzman.


Evelyn Guzman has connections in Mexico.


Between April and December of 2004, the FBI, along with numerous local, state, and federal agencies, conducted an extensive investigation targeting an illegal drug trafficking and money laundering enterprise in the Chicago area. Of the 23 individuals charged as a result of this investigation, a handful of fugitives remain, including Evelyn Guzman.


An arrest warrant was issued on October 3, 2006, by the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, after Guzman was charged federally with conspiring to distribute a controlled substance and aiding and abetting.

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