Nichole Adams
Special Agent
El Paso Field Office

I knew at the age of six that I wanted a career with the FBI. In 1996, I was fortunate enough to begin my career with the FBI in Detroit in a covert capacity, and I became a special agent in 2003. After 26 years with the FBI, my career continues to be exciting, and I enjoy working with intelligent and dedicated colleagues who fuel my passion for protecting and serving our country.

What is the best career or life advice you have to give?

Never get discouraged by the word NO. Reconsider the word NO to mean the Next Opportunity. I’ve been told no so many times in my life and career. People like to use the word because it’s easy and requires little effort. Have people explain the reason for their no. Once you explain your position, you may be surprised how often no will turn into yes.

Share the thing you’re most proud of from your FBI career.

I am most proud of being able to raise four children while building a career that I love. My children have witnessed my hard work and dedication and have seen my success as part of one of the greatest organizations in the world.

Nichole Adams: El Paso Field Office

What does it mean to make room at the table? Why does it matter?

Making room at the table means being more diverse and inclusive and treating and protecting all people fairly. It matters because the FBI can’t truly commit and align to our core values of respect, integrity, accountability, leadership, diversity, compassion, fairness, and rigorous obedience to the Constitution if we don’t make room at the table for everyone.