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FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending October 26, 2012

Washington, D.C. October 26, 2012
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  1. Seattle: Millennium Bomber Sentenced to 37 Years in Prison

    Al Qaeda-trained terrorist Ahmed Ressam received an increased sentence at his third sentencing hearing after a lengthy appeals process by the government. Full Story

  2. Washington Field: Virginia Man Indicted on Additional Charges, Including a D.C. Terrorism Offense, in Shooting of Security Guard at Family Research Council

    This marks the first time that a defendant has been charged with committing an act of terrorism under the District of Columbia’s Anti-Terrorism Act of 2002. Full Story

  3. New York: New York City Police Officer Arrested for Kidnapping Conspiracy and Illegally Accessing Federal Law Enforcement Database

    Gilberto Valle allegedly conspired with more than one individual to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook, and cannibalize a number of women and used the National Crime Information Center database to obtain information about a specific woman. Full Story

  4. Los Angeles/San Diego: Lake Elsinore Man Wanted for Riverside Homicide Deported to U.S. After Capture in Mexico

    Joseph Dorsey was charged with the alleged murder of Christine Stewart, whose remains were found in a hotel room in Poway, California. Full Story

  5. Richmond: President of Costa Rican Company Sentenced for Half-Billion-Dollar Fraud Scheme

    Minor Vargas Calvo received 60 years in prison for defrauding more than 3,500 victims throughout the United States and abroad. Full Story

  6. San Diego: Defendant Pleads Guilty to Role in $100 Million Loan Origination Fraud

    Accountant Audrey Yeboah admitted she created fake W-2 forms, pay stubs, and other records for straw buyers so that her fellow conspirators could collect millions of dollars in kickbacks from fraudulently obtained mortgage loans. Full Story

  7. New York: Twenty-Five Individuals Indicted in Multi-Million-Dollar Illegal Nationwide Sports Betting Ring

    The defendants, including three owners of a sports betting Internet website, allegedly profited by more than $50 million by accepting wagers on various sporting events—including horse racing and professional and college football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Full Story

  8. Charlotte: Seventeen Members of a Racketeering Enterprise Indicted on Investment Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, and Related Charges

    Fourteen additional defendants have agreed to plead guilty in connection with the latest round of criminal charges resulting from Operation Wax House, a mortgage fraud investigation that began in 2007. Full Story

  9. San Antonio: Taiwanese Citizen Sentenced to Prison for Illegally Exporting Military-Sensitive Items from the United States to Iran

    Susan Yip, aka Susan Yeh, was sentenced to two years in federal prison for helping to obtain military sensitive parts for Iran in violation of the Iranian trade embargo. Full Story

  10. Los Angeles: Alleged Operator of ‘Grandparent Scam’ Indicted, Arrested at LAX

    Canadian Pascal Goyer is among six defendants identified as participants in an advance fee scheme in which elderly victims were convinced their grandchildren were in danger in a foreign country. Full Story