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Crime Statistics

We regularly publish or contribute to a series of statistical crime reports and publications, detailing specific offenses and outlining trends that can help you better understand crime threats both nationally and locally.

Uniform Crime Reports

Crime in the U.S. is the most comprehensive analysis of violent crime and property crime in the nation. The annual publication compiles volume and rate of crime offenses for the nation, the states, and many cities and counties. It also includes arrest, clearance, and law enforcement employee data. Use the online UCR Data Tool to research crime statistics since 1985 and in some cases back to 1960.

Hate Crime Statistics presents yearly data regarding incidents, offenses, victims, and offenders in reported crimes that were motivated in whole or in part by a bias against the victim’s perceived race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Note: Although the Uniform Crime Reporting Program applies estimation procedures to account for populations covered by reporting jurisdictions, it does not use any estimation procedures to account for hate crime data from agencies that do not participate in the Hate Crime Statistics Program.

Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) gathers data on felonious and accidental line-of-duty deaths and assaults of law enforcement officers. Tabular presentations include weapons used, use of body armor, and circumstances surrounding murders and assaults of officers.

The National Incident-Based Reporting System, or NIBRS, was created in 1991 to improve the quantity and quality of crime data collected by law enforcement by capturing more detailed information on each single crime occurrence. NIBRS has published one national publication and several specialized reports, including:

Visit the Uniform Crime Reports webpage for more information.

Other Reports and Publications

- Bank Crime Reports:

- Campus Attacks: Targeted Violence Affecting Institutions of Higher Education

- Financial Crimes Report:

- Financial Institution Fraud and Failure Reports:

- Internet Crime Reports

- Mortgage Fraud Reports:

- National Drug Threat Assessment 2011 (pdf)

- National Gang Threat Assessments:

- Terrorism Incidents:

More Crime Statistics

Visit the Bureau of Justice Statistics in the U.S. Department of Justice for related information.


New Releases
URC_logo-a.jpg Preliminary Crime Stats for 2015
The number of violent crimes increased and property crimes decreased during first six months of 2015 when compared to 2014. Details
Hate Crimes 2014
Law enforcement agencies reported 5,479 hate crime incidents involving 6,418 offenses in 2014. Details
URC_logo-a.jpg Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted
The latest edition of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted provides national statistics on lives lost in 2014.  Details
Crime Stats for 2014
The number of violent crimes and property crimes reported in 2014 decreased from 2013 levels. Details
NIBRS 2014 Graphic National Incident Based Reporting System 2014
Law enforcement agencies reported 4,759,438 incidents involving 5,489,485 offenses during 2014. Details