February 29, 2016

Gerald Roberts, Jr. Named Special Agent in Charge of the Intelligence Division of the Washington Field Office

FBI Director James B. Comey has named Gerald Roberts, Jr. as the special agent in charge of the Intelligence Division of the Washington Field Office. Mr. Roberts most recently served as the section chief of the Terrorist Financing Operations Section in the Counterterrorism Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C., leading the FBI’s global efforts targeting terrorist financing.

Mr. Roberts joined the FBI in 1999. He began his career in the New York Division, where he worked as a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force and investigated international terrorism matters. Throughout his career, Mr. Roberts has held leadership positions in the International Operations Division, Counterterrorism Division, and the Baltimore Division. Mr. Roberts has also been the recipient of numerous awards throughout his career, including the FBI Director’s Award and the Secretary of Defense Award for Excellence.

Mr. Roberts will assume this new role in the beginning of March.