November 13, 2017

Director Christopher A. Wray Travels to Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray traveled to Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom this past week to highlight the important role international partnerships play in combatting global threats. In his first international trip as Director, Mr. Wray met with key partners in each country to discuss shared challenges in law enforcement and national security.

In Germany, Director Wray met with senior federal law enforcement and security officials in the German government to discuss areas of cooperation and issues of mutual interest, such as joint efforts to combat terrorism and counter violent extremism. He was also briefed by the FBI’s Legal Attaché team in Berlin.

In Belgium, Director Wray participated in a series of engagements focusing on multilateral information sharing, and the critical role it plays in disrupting global threats. He met with security and judicial officials from the government of Belgium, and representatives of the Northern American Treaty Organization, to reaffirm our strong bilateral security cooperation. He also met with U.S. service members and government employees from several federal agencies stationed in Belgium.

In the United Kingdom, Director Wray met with counterparts to explore ways to build on ongoing efforts to disrupt the challenges posed by international criminal activity such as terrorism, organized crime, and human trafficking. Director Wray’s visit to the United Kingdom coincided with next week’s 75th anniversary of the FBI’s Legal Attaché office in London, one of the FBI’s largest overseas. During his visit, Director Wray commemorated the historic law enforcement and security partnership between the FBI and MI-5.

Throughout his meetings with German, Belgian, and UK partners, Director Wray expressed the gratitude of the FBI, and the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities, for their continued collaboration, while reinforcing a shared commitment to working together in an ever evolving threat landscape.