November 6, 2018

Dean Phillips Named Special Agent in Charge of the Denver Field Office

FBI Director Christopher Wray has named Dean Phillips as special agent in charge of the Denver Field Office. Mr. Phillips most recently served as chief of the Technical Programs Section in the Operational Technology Division at FBI Headquarters.

Mr. Phillips entered on duty with the FBI in 1999 and was first assigned as a special agent in the Honolulu Field Office, where he investigated foreign counterintelligence, extraterritorial terrorism, and violent crimes and became a certified SWAT operator.

Starting in 2005, Mr. Phillips was assigned to the Organized Crime Section in the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters, where he performed duties as a regional program manager. During that time, he was also responsible for rebuilding the African criminal enterprise program. In October 2008, he was promoted to chief of the Asian/African Criminal Enterprise Unit.

In February 2011, Mr. Phillips was assigned to the Las Vegas Field Office, where he served as the supervisor of the human intelligence squad and the technical services squad. He served as acting assistant special agent in charge of both the intelligence and criminal branches there for nearly 10 months.

In October 2014, Mr. Phillips was assigned to the El Paso Field Office as the national security branch assistant special agent in charge, responsible for the counterterrorism, counterintelligence, cyber, technically trained agents, and critical incident response programs; the Midland Resident Agency; the Computer Analysis Response Team; and the division’s auditor.

Mr. Phillips is a veteran of the United States Air Force.