March 27, 2020

David Schlendorf Named Associate Executive Assistant Director of the Finance and Facilities Division

Director Christopher Wray has named David Schlendorf as the associate executive assistant director of the Finance and Facilities Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. He is responsible for overseeing the FBI’s finances, facilities, and logistics functions and serves as a chief financial officer. He most recently served as the assistant director of the Human Resources Division.

Mr. Schlendorf started his FBI career in 2003 as a special assistant to the chief financial officer, the first of several special assistant or advisor positions he held. In 2007, Mr. Schlendorf was promoted to deputy resource planning officer and to assistant director of the Resource Planning Office in 2010. As assistant director, he oversaw the FBI’s $4.8 billion personnel budget and the allocation of employee positions.

In 2016, Mr. Schlendorf was named the assistant director of the Human Resources Division. He oversaw human capital issues, the recruitment and hiring of thousands of FBI employees, the development of FBI leadership, and the delivery of human resources services.

Mr. Schlendorf founded the FBI’s special advisor program to recruit top talent from leading business schools to assist FBI executives with high-impact projects. He also created the FBI’s Internal Advisory Group, which helps executives find creative solutions to complex business challenges.

Before joining the FBI, Mr. Schlendorf was an associate with The Beacon Group and an analyst with Bowles, Hollowell, Conner & Co. He earned an undergraduate degree from Duke University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.