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November 20, 2023

Craig L. Tremaroli Named Special Agent in Charge of the Albany Field Office

Director Christopher Wray has named Craig L. Tremaroli as the special agent in charge of the Albany Field Office. He most recently served as section chief in the Counterterrorism Division at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. 
Mr. Tremaroli joined the FBI as a special agent and was assigned to the Indianapolis Field Office where he worked violent crime, gang, and transnational organized crime investigations. He also served as the Safe Streets Task Force coordinator and a member of the SWAT Team.  
In 2015, he served as the program manager over the Criminal Covert Operations Unit in the Criminal Investigative Division at FBI Headquarters, and in 2016 he was promoted to Unit Chief in the National Covert Operations Section.  
In 2018, he was promoted to a supervisory special agent in the Kansas City Field Office over the crimes against children, human trafficking, and civil rights programs. In 2020, he moved to the National Security Branch and supervised the International Terrorism squad and the Joint Terrorism Taskforce.  
In 2020, he was promoted to the assistant special agent in charge of the Kansas City Field Office’s Criminal Branch. In 2022, he was promoted to section chief in the Counterterrorism Division at FBI Headquarters.  
Before he joined the FBI, Mr. Tremaroli was a police officer and detective in Florida. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and master’s degree from the University of Central Florida.