September 29, 2023

January 6 Defendant Christopher Worrell Captured at Southwest Florida Home

Christopher John Worrell, a fugitive convicted of seven counts related to the U.S. Capitol breach, was arrested yesterday when he attempted to covertly return to his home in Naples, Florida. FBI agents quickly surrounded and then entered the residence. They discovered the 52-year-old unconscious and immediately provided medical attention. Worrell was transferred to an area hospital where he remains at this time.In his residence, the FBI found night-vision goggles, $4,000 in cash, and survivalist gear.

Worrell, a self-identified member of the Proud Boys, disappeared in early August, just days before his scheduled sentencing on charges in connection with the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. He was wanted for violating conditions of release pending sentencing on federal charges. A federal arrest warrant was issued for Worrell on August 15, 2023, in the United States District Court, District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.

The FBI Tampa and Washington field offices thank the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for assisting federal agents with Worrell’s arrest. No further details are available relating to his capture. More information. 

Captured: Christopher Worrell