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February 13, 2015

Man Believed to Be Serial Bank Robber Known as 2k Bandit Arrested Following Joint Investigation in Orange County

A man believed to be responsible for a series of bank robberies was arrested last Friday and charged in a multiple-count criminal complaint following a joint investigation in Orange County. The announcement is made on behalf of agents and detectives with the Orange County Bank Robbery Apprehension Team (BRAT); its investigative partners in jurisdictions where the robberies occurred; and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Mark Moore, 47, who had been living as a transient in Orange County, was identified by investigators as the alleged serial bank robbery suspect known as the “2K Bandit.” The 2K Bandit was sought by multiple departments over an approximate period of two months and was linked to 11 bank robberies. Investigators recently identified Moore based on forensic evidence collected during the investigation. On February 6, Moore was arrested after being spotted by a detective with the Tustin Police Department during surveillance by joint investigators in the city of Buena Park. Moore was processed at the Buena Park Police Department but has since been transferred to the Orange County Jail.

During the robberies linked to the 2K Bandit, the suspect passed a note demanding cash and, in some cases, specifically demanded “two thousand dollars.” The suspect also made verbal demands and threatened victims. In some cases, the suspect indicated that victims were in further danger if they did not comply with his demands, and that suggested that he was working with others. The 2K Bandit has been linked to the following bank robberies:

December 3, 2014 Wells Fargo Bank 301 East 17th Street Costa Mesa
December 8, 2014 Chase Bank 905 N. El Camino Real San Clemente
December 13, 2014 Chase Bank 8901 Valley View Street Buena Park
December 18, 2014 Chase Bank 8901 Valley View Street Buena Park
December 22, 2014 Bank of America 548 W. 19th Street Costa Mesa
December 22, 2014 Wells Fargo 2300 Harbor Boulevard Costa Mesa
December 29, 2014 Chase Bank 905 N. El Camino Real San Clemente
January 3, 2015 US Bank 7211 Warner Avenue Huntington Beach
January 17, 2015 Chase Bank 1455 Baker Street Costa Mesa
January 21, 2015 US Bank 130 South Main Street Orange
January 28, 2015 Wells Fargo Bank 18356 Irvine Boulevard Tustin

The Bank Robbery Apprehension Team, or BRAT, is collaboration between the FBI and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The BRAT routinely works cooperatively with partner law enforcement agencies when bank robberies occur in various jurisdictions throughout Orange County. In this case, the BRAT investigated jointly with partners at the Costa Mesa Police Department; the Buena Park Police Department; the Tustin Police Department; the Huntington Beach Police Department; and the Orange Police Department.

Moore was charged in a 12 count criminal complaint by prosecutors with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and was arraigned Tuesday.

The BRAT task force continues to seek the public’s assistance in learning the identity and the whereabouts of additional bank robbers. Additional information about bank robbers currently wanted in southern California can be found at www.labankrobbers.org.