Sue Smith, Denver Chapter, FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association

November 22, 2021

Sue Smith, of the Denver chapter of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, talks about the organization's role.

Audio Transcript

I think that it's important that the Bureau control the narrative in a way that truly reflects the work that they do. There's a lot of misinformation out there, a lot of TV shows, a lot of things that tell one story, but when people, particularly folks that attend the Citizens Academy, or even the Teen Academy, really find out the depth and scope of what the Bureau does, and the impact, not only in our homeland, but across the world has, there's a newfound respect and appreciation for what they do to keep us safe. 

I think it's important that the Bureau be able to tell their story. Sometimes people won't receive it from someone in an official capacity, but my neighbor knows me, my neighbor will listen to me talk about the Bureau and he'll say, "You know what? If she thinks they're pretty good, then I should probably give it another look."

And so, as ambassadors, part of what we can do is help people people see through … deconflict the battlefield, if you will, and help them see that the FBI is there. They're the good guys in all this, and they're doing amazing things. So we get to help direct people to the truth of what the Bureau really does.

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