Abel Limas Describes Plot to Accomplice

September 19, 2013

Audio of conversation between Abel Limas and his accomplice.

Audio Transcript

[Phone rings]

Accomplice: Hello...¿Qué pasó?

Abel Limas: They're gonna...they're gonna, they're gonna give me the one hundred up front before Christmas.

Accomplice: And why is that?

Limas: Because they want to. Because they're going to cut me in that helicopter death case for 10 percent.

Accomplice: Oh!

Limas: And the death case that was [that was given to them] by Joe, they're gonna cut me on that one too.

Accomplice: Oh! Oh, well, that's good, babe.

Limas: [Expletive] you don't know, you don't...

Accomoplish: Gosh—

Limas: ...know how good that is...

Accomplish: That is fantastic. You can tell Carla she doesn't have to, uh, she doesn't have to give us the rent yet.

Limas: You know if...if they settle that, uh...

Accomplice: Ay-ay-ay

Limas: ...they settle that heli—cause it's two deaths, remember?

Accomplice: Yeah, yeah.

Limas: If they settle the helicopter case for six million...

Accomplice: Um-hum

Limas: ...you know how much I'm making?

Accomplice: How much?

Limas: Just in attorney fees?

Accomplice: How much?

Limas: Like 250.

Accomplice: Oh, my God. No, that's great. Just be sure to pay the IRS. Okay? 'Cause you don't want to have anything to do with them.

Limas: No, I'm gonna leave you all the money and I'm gonna go to prison for five years.

Accomplice: No—no—no—no—no—no—no. You're not going to do that either.

Limas: Uh, let me stop here to see what Joe has.

Accomplice: All right. Okay, babe. Okay, okay.

Limas: Bye.

Accomplice: Bueno, bye.

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