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White-Collar Crime


Lying, cheating, and stealing.

That’s white-collar crime in a nutshell. The term—reportedly coined in 1939—is now synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals. The FBI, often in partnership with financial institutions, government regulators, and other law enforcement agencies, focuses on identifying and disrupting significant economic, health care, financial institution, and intellectual property crime threats.

These are not victimless crimes. A single scam can destroy a company, devastate families by wiping out their life savings, or cost investors billions of dollars (or even all three). Today’s fraud schemes are more sophisticated than ever, and the FBI is dedicated to using its skills to track down the culprits and stop scams before they start.

In Depth

Major Threats & Programs
- Asset Forfeiture
- Bankruptcy Fraud
- Corporate Fraud
- Financial Institution Fraud
- Health Care Fraud
- Identity Theft

- Insurance Fraud
- Market Manipulation Fraud

- Mass Marketing Fraud
- Money Laundering
- Mortgage Fraud
- Piracy/Intellectual Property Theft
- Securities & Commodities Fraud

Cases: Past and Present
- Enron
- Madoff
- More

Wanted by the FBI
- White-Collar Fugitives

Related Fraud Information
- Disaster/Hurricane Katrina Fraud
- Internet Fraud | E-scams & Warnings
- Public Corruption/Government Fraud

Fraud Prevention Overview
- Common Fraud Scams
- Frauds Targeting Senior Citizens
- Internet Scams
- “Be Crime Smart” Advice

Selected Scams
- Adoption Scams
- Antitrust/Price-Fixing
- Housing Stealing
- Illegal Pharmacies
- Jury Duty Scams 
- Options Backdating
- Pump & Dump Stock Scams
- Social Security Card Fraud
- Staged Auto Accidents
- Sports Memorabilia Fraud
- Timeshare Fraud
- Work at Home Scams
- More

How to Report Fraud
- Contact Your Local FBI Office
- Submit a Tip Online
- Report Internet Fraud