Failure to Appear (Mortgage Fraud)


John and Julieanne Dimitrion
John and Julieanne Dimitrion
John and Julieanne Dimitrion


John M. Dimitrion, John Dela Cruz


Date(s) of Birth Used April 12, 1976
Place of Birth Hawaii
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 5'7"
Weight 185 to 200 pounds
Sex Male
Occupation Unknown
Nationality American
Scars and Marks None known
NCIC W720776158


The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of John and Julieanne Dimitrion.


The Dimitrions were last known to be in the Mililani area of Oahu, Hawaii. John Dimitrion has expensive tastes in sports cars, clothing and jewelry. He is an enthusiast for high-end personal electronics and has a large collection of Airsoft replica firearms.


John Dimitrion and his wife, Julieanne, were indicted in February of 2009 for mortgage fraud. In April of 2009, they pled guilty to operating a fraud scheme in which they used their companies to convince distressed homeowners to relinquish their homes with the premise of improving the victims' financial position. They promised to invest the proceeds of the home sales, but instead the Dimitrions used the victims' money to fund their own lavish lifestyles. As a result, multiple families in Oahu, Hawaii, lost their homes. The Dimitrions were scheduled to be sentenced in the United States District Court in Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 6, 2010, but failed to appear at the sentencing. A federal arrest warrant for failure to appear was then issued for each of them.

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