May 9, 2009
Fort Lewis, Washington

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Age 56 (at time of incident)
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5'7"
Weight Approximately 175 to 185 pounds
Sex Male
Race White


Ingram wore his hair cut short in a military style, and had a short mustache.


He has severe arthritis, an ankle injury, and, prior to his disappearance, had stomach-type surgery.


On May 9, 2009, Richard Luther Ingram was last seen at the Rainer Inn Army Lodging Hotel in Fort Lewis, Washington. He had recently returned from vacationing overseas and had checked in to the hotel, but did not return to work after the weekend. Welfare checks at the hotel revealed that he had left all of his belongings behind, to include his identifications, cell phone, credit cards, and vehicle. The only item missing was his U.S. passport, but it has not been used. He had recently complained of memory loss, headaches, and nosebleeds. Richard's family reported that they had received emails from Ingram with suicidal idealizations. He is a U.S. Army Reserve soldier, and a known survivalist.

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