September 18, 1958
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Photograph taken between 1956 and 1958
Photograph taken between 1956 and 1958
Photograph taken between 1956 and 1958


Age 21 years old at time of disappearance
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green
Height 5'2"
Weight 110 pounds
Sex Female
Race White


Ida Dean (Richardson) Anderson usually wore dresses, long skirts, and button-up shirts. 


Ida Dean (Richardson) Anderson, a 21-year-old white female, was last seen on September 18, 1958, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She was due in court the next day for her parental rights case and was to be awarded custody of her children, but due to conflicting court documents it is unclear if she showed up. Ida had left her husband in March 1958 and was hospitalized soon after for various illnesses. As a result, her estranged husband placed their children in a boarding home and moved to Chicago while Ida was in the hospital. The state of Michigan took custody of the children and Ida had been fighting to get them back since she was released. Arrangements had been made for Ida and her children to fly to Florida to visit family after the September 19, 1958, court date but she did not show. Prior to her disappearance, Ida remained in constant contact with her family via mail. Anyone with information regarding Ida’s disappearance is asked to contact the Ann Arbor Police Department.

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