Conspiracy to Commit Computer Fraud and Abuse; Conspiracy to Commit Trade Secret Theft; Wire Fraud; Aggravated Identity Theft


Xia Lei
Wu Yingzhuo
Dong Hao


Xia Lei, Wu Yingzhuo, and Dong Hao, all of whom are Chinese nationals and residents of China, were indicted on September 13, 2017, for conspiring to commit computer fraud and abuse, conspiring to commit trade secret theft, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft.  The charges stem from the three individuals alleged attempt to direct their crimes against United States and foreign employees and computers of three corporate victims in financial, engineering, and technology industries between 2011 and May of 2017.  The indictment alleges that the three hackers, who worked for the purported Chinese-based Internet security firm Guangzhou Bo Yo Information Technology Company Limited (also known as "Boyusec"), conspired to hack into private corporate entities in order to maintain unauthorized access to, and steal sensitive internal documents and communications from, those entities' computers.  In total, the hackers obtained at least 400 gigabytes of data, as well as confidential emails, from their victims.


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