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The FBI New York Division Sends a Message of Caution for Emerging Financial Threat

FBI New York June 21, 2010

The FBI New York Division is issuing a warning to consumers concerning a new scheme using telecommunications denial-of-service (TDoS) attacks.

TDoS attacks operate by using automated dialing programs and multiple accounts to overwhelm victims’ cell phones and land lines with thousands of calls. When victims answer the calls, they hear dead air (nothing on the other end), an innocuous recorded message, advertisement, or a telephone sex menu. Calls are typically short in duration, but so numerous that victims often change their phone numbers to terminate the attack.

In this way, TDoS attacks are used as a diversion, preventing financial and brokerage institutions from verifying victim account changes and transactions. Fraudsters are then afforded adequate time to transfer funds from victim brokerage and financial online accounts.

To protect yourself from TDoS attacks and other types of fraud, the FBI recommends the following tips:

  • Implement security measures for all financial accounts by placing fraud alerts with the major credit bureaus if you believe you have been targeted by a TDOS attack or other forms of fraud.
  • Use strong passwords for all financial accounts and change them regularly.
  • Obtain and review your annual credit report for fraudulent activity.

-If you believe you were a target of a TDoS attack, immediately contact your financial institutions, notify your telephone provider, and promptly report it to the IC3 website at: www.ic3.gov.

The IC3 complaint database links complaints to assist in referrals to the appropriate law enforcement agency for case consideration. The complaint information is also used to identity emerging trends and patterns.

“If you become aware of any activity that seems suspicious, be wary. Do your due diligence before sending any money or information that could make you a victim of identity theft, and check your financial accounts regularly. Sign up for the FBI’s e-mail alerts to learn about some of the newest scams and ways to protect yourself,” said Special Agent Richard Kolko.

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