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An FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force
member in New York gathers
bits of evidence in an investigation.
AP Photo.

In this complex, globalized, post 9/11 world, our operational partnerships have never been more important to our efforts to protect your communities.

Today, we work with colleagues at every level of government—local, state, federal, even international—across the law enforcement, intelligence, and first responder communities. We lead and take part in multi-agency task forces, intelligence groups and fusion centers, and public and private sector alliances. A number of our partners literally sit shoulder-to-shoulder with us in FBI space, just as we share our agents and analysts with other agencies. We work closely on joint investigations—sometimes taking the lead, sometimes taking a back seat to others, sometimes contributing equally among many agencies. Our work with our colleagues, in fact, is so intertwined today that it’s often nearly impossible to separate the contributions of one agency—and one nation—from the next.

In New York, our major partnerships include:

  • The New York Joint Terrorism Task Force brings together representatives of 49 local, state, and federal agencies to run down any and all terrorism leads, develop and investigate cases, provide support for special events, and proactively identify threats that may impact the area and the nation. We also have satellite Joint Terrorism Task Forces working out of Long Island, Westchester County, and Orange County.
  • The New York Field Intelligence Group—a team of FBI agents and analysts who provide a full range of intelligence support on terrorism and criminal threats—combines with numerous agencies in the New York metropolitan area.
  • We participate in the FBI Counterintelligence Strategic Partnerships Program, which builds relationships between private industry, academia, government agencies, the FBI, and its counterintelligence community partners to identify and protect projects of great importance to the U.S. government.
  • Our Health Care Fraud Task Force brings together representatives from 12 local, state, and federal agencies to investigate a variety of criminal activities committed by individuals and organizations in the health care industry. Our investigations have found that a significant number of perpetrators are linked to organized crime groups in the New York metropolitan area.
  • Our Mortgage Fraud Task Force brings together representatives from six local, state, and federal agencies to investigate the fraudulent activities of individuals and organizations in the mortgage industry. Similar to health care fraud, our investigations have shown that a significant percentage of perpetrators are linked to organized crime groups in the area.
  • The New York Division has an investigator on the FBI’s national Art Crime Team, which includes special agents and Department of Justice attorneys. See the Art Theft website for more information.
  • To battle cyber crime, we have a number of key partnerships:
  • Our Cyber Crime Task Force brings together local, state, and federal experts to combat computer intrusions, viruses, and other cyber threats.
  • The New York Office supports three chapters of InfraGard, a national information-sharing alliance between private industry, academia, and government focused on protecting critical national infrastructures in both the online and offline worlds. The New York Metro Chapter covers New York City and the five outer boroughs. The Long Island Chapter covers Nassau and Suffolk counties. The newly formed Hudson Valley Chapter covers the northern New York counties in the Hudson Valley region. To learn more about the InfraGard program or to become a member, visit www.InfraGard.net.
  • We also lead or take part in several major partnerships targeting violent crime:
  • We have two Safe Streets Task Forces in the New York Office, through which special agents and their partners in law enforcement pool expertise and resources to target street gangs and violent criminals of all kinds.
  • The New York Office Violent Crimes Squad investigates reactive violent crimes, such as armed bank robberies, bank burglaries, armored car robberies, kidnappings, UFAP-fugitives (Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution), murder for hire, Hobbs Act violations, threats (including cyber threats), extortion, and crime on the high seas, to name a few. The squad was known as the Joint Bank Robbery Task Force (JBRTF) from 1979 until April 2011. The JBRTF was formed in 1979 and was the first of its kind, paving the way for the modern day JTTF squads. It consisted of FBI special agents and detectives from the New York City Police Department, and it was successful in bringing about a significant reduction in armed bank robberies in New York City by applying federal penalties, which carry longer sentences, to this crime.