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Canadian Ambassador Meets with FBI Officials in New York

FBI New York April 23, 2010

On Friday, April 23, Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Gregory Fowler of FBI New York’s Counterterrorism Division provided a briefing to Ambassador Gary Doer of Canada. In his briefing, SAC Fowler covered recent cases in New York and discussed how counterterrorism cases often cross over into criminal and operational cases, particularly where narcotics distribution, organized crime, and gang-related crime are concerned.


Ambassador Gary Doer said, “It was a pleasure to meet with the FBI in New York today. The opportunity to discuss issues of critical importance will facilitate ongoing cooperation and continue to foster greater understanding between our nations. We have a long established relationship for mutually beneficial actions across criminal and counterterrorism matters that help us to keep our continent safe.”

SAC Fowler added, “We look forward to continued collaboration with Ambassador Doer and our Canadian partners. Today's exchange highlights both the U.S. and Canadian goals to address the unremitting struggle against global counterterrorism threats."

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