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InfraGard National Congress FBI Employee Barbara Wadriski Receives Award

FBI Mobile October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
Spring Hill Baptist Church Activity Center
2 South McGregor Avenue
Mobile, AL 36608

FBI Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Mobile Division, Joseph F. Fierro, presented FBI employee Barbara Wadriski with the Southeast Regional InfraGard Coordinator award. InfraGard is a government and private sector alliance that was developed in 1996 to promote protection of critical information systems. InfraGard’s mission is to increase information and intelligence sharing between the FBI and InfraGard members to strengthen the defense of our nation’s critical infrastructures and key resources, most of which are privately owned and operated. The InfraGard National Members Alliance held their annual conference yesterday, and awards were presented from FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Barbara Wadriski is currently serving as the Mobile InfraGard Coordinator, and was one of six recipients in the entire FBI to receive the recognition and award. The Mobile InfraGard Chapter board members Jennifer Lott and Bruce Gonzalez were present as the announcement was made, and were proud that Mobile was recognized. The FBI recognizes that the success of individual InfraGard chapters is highly dependent upon the active involvement of its members. The Mobile Chapter has been fortunate to have several active members, who have dedicated their time and professional skills to the organization.  Through their involvement, the local chapter has grown in membership. InfraGard initially focused on cyber security, but has expanded over the years to include other business sectors such as, food/agriculture, banking, chemical, commercial facilities, critical manufacturing, communications, healthcare, transportation, energy and others. Lott and Gonzalez also encourage other private sector partners to attend the next InfraGard meeting which is being held as follows:

The topic for this meeting will share how InfraGard members, the Alabama Sheriffs Association, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) and the Pegasus Program have been working together on developing a crisis area reentry program that meets the shared needs of law enforcement and the critical infrastructure sector for credentialing/access control capabilities that enable the right critical infrastructure sector personnel to enter disaster areas while also enabling law enforcement to maintain crisis area checkpoint control. Those who have lived through a major hurricane recovery, like Katrina or Gustav, know this is a big problem.For additional information regarding the Mobile Chapter of InfraGard, go to www.Infragard-mo.net

FBI Employee Barbara Wadriski Wins the Southeast Regional InfraGard Coordinator Award (10/15/09)

Left to right, FBI Acting Special Agent in Charge Joseph Fierro, Supervisory Special Agent Chris Scott, Mobile InfraGard Chapter Secretary Bruce Gonzales, Vice President Jennifer Lott, and FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Richard Schwein.