Get to Know FBI Cyber: Ryan Frampton

Ryan Frampton is a computer scientist with the FBI’s Tampa office.

What do you do during a typical day?

I work with the Tampa Cyber squad as a lead technical investigator on various types of criminal cases, like ransomware gangs, darkweb marketplaces, fraud shops, and hacking forums. Each day, I help move our investigations forward by performing digital forensic analyses of victim and subject servers, analyzing network traffic, tracing cryptocurrency transactions, developing scripts and applications, reverse engineering malware, and coordinating complex investigations with our law enforcement partners domestically and abroad.

But my favorite moment of each workday is picking up my kids from school after a long day. They run as fast as they can down the hallway screaming, 'Daddy!'.

What drives you?

At the end of hard day (or week), I can look back and know that the work I did made a difference—from assisting a victim recover from a terrible incident or helping stop a serious cyber threat impacting our country. Each day, I strive to do my part to see justice served and to protect our citizens.

What do you love about the FBI?

FBI Computer Scientist Ryan Frampton

A couple of years ago, during a darkweb marketplace investigation, I interviewed the owner of a company that had been victimized by a cybercriminal. The owner was suffering severe anxiety and guilt and was losing sleep over the incident.

My colleagues and I resolved to bring the perpetrator to justice, and just recently, we were able to go back to that business and tell them that the cybercriminal responsible for the attack had been extradited to the United States to face charges.

What I most love about the FBI is that it’s made up of ordinary people—thousands of men and women from all backgrounds—who tirelessly and relentlessly pursue truth and justice.