FBI Minneapolis
Public Affairs Officer Cynthia Barrington
(763) 569-8095
September 25, 2020

Search Warrant Executed in St. Paul

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—The Minneapolis Division of the FBI conducted a court-authorized law enforcement activity this afternoon/evening of September 25, 2020, at a home located at 635 Asbury Street in St. Paul in support of an ongoing investigation by the Roseville, Minnesota Police Department.

The FBI’s Hazardous Evidence Response Team (HERT) was on the scene along with other FBI personnel, with assistance from the Minnesota National Guard 55th Civil Support Team and the St. Paul Fire and Police departments.

The HERT is specially trained in recovering evidence from potentially hazardous scenes.

Given early investigative information from the Roseville Police Department, it was determined the HERT should handle the scene by treating it as potentially dangerous and follow prescribed protocols and techniques for any evidence that may be recovered.

The purpose of the FBI activity in the home in question was to recover any and all evidence of any potentially dangerous material. Once collected and secured, evidence will be delivered to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia, for testing in furtherance of the Roseville Police Department’s ongoing investigation.

Any questions about the investigation should be directed to the Roseville Police Department.