FBI Miami
Public Affairs Specialist Jim Marshall
(754) 703-2000
February 13, 2024

Seeking Information: January 31, 2024 Armored Truck Robbery in North Miami

The FBI Miami Field Office is seeking information from the public regarding the identity and/or location of an individual who was allegedly involved in the armored truck/ATM robbery at a Chase Bank branch located at 850 NE 125 St, North Miami, during the late morning of January 31, 2024.

Investigators believe the alleged robber departed the scene on foot and may reside in the vicinity of the bank.

Note that the robber has a unique tattoo on the back of his left hand. (see picture)

The FBI issues press releases for matters of public safety and/or requests for public assistance/information. Photos will also be posted to the FBI Miami Twitter account.

Anyone with information about this robbery or an FBI investigation is urged to call (754)703-2000 or tips.fbi.gov.

Miami Armored Truck Robbery Photo 1
Miami Armored Truck Robbery Photo 2
Miami Armored Truck Robbery Photo 3