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March 1, 2024

Houston Advocate for Human Trafficking Survivors Receives FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award

HOUSTON, TX—FBI Houston Special Agent in Charge Douglas Williams presented the 2023 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award to Mrs. Jennifer Hohman for her dedicated work in combating human traffickers and assisting human trafficking survivors throughout Texas. Mrs. Hohman serves as the founder of three different organizations working to counter human trafficking— Fight For Us, the Houston Area Against Trafficking (HAAT), and The Houston 20. The award was presented at a ceremony at the FBI Houston Field Office on February 29, 2024.

“Human trafficking is a crime in which souls are bartered, human dignity is stripped away, and hope is shackled. As long as one person remains trafficked, none of us truly walk in freedom,” said FBI Houston Special Agent in Charge Douglas Williams. “Mrs. Hohman’s work to support human trafficking survivors exemplifies the FBI's core values of respect and compassion.”

Over the past several years, Mrs. Hohman has both supported FBI Houston’s victim services and generously served as a valued FBI partner by amplifying human trafficking prevention and awareness efforts throughout the Houston area. Under Mrs. Hohman’s leadership, her three organizations have become invaluable resources in identifying, recovering, and connecting human trafficking victims with short and long-term services to ensure their needs are fully assessed and addressed.

“The most rewarding experience as a human is to be friends with, be mentored by, and show love to a survivor of human trafficking,” said Mrs. Hohman. “They constantly show you how to put things into perspective and help you understand that safety, trust, and love are the most fundamental aspects of life. I am humbled and honored to work alongside brave women and men who serve in the FBI and law enforcement—their dedication to this cause is critical to this work!”

The FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award was formally created in 1990 to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in the United States. Every year, FBI field offices throughout the country select a community partner to receive this prestigious award. Last year’s Houston area recipient was Mrs. Lucresia Montez, who accepted the award on behalf of the San José Clinic in Houston, TX.

FBI Houston congratulates Mrs. Jennifer Hohman and thanks her for her service to our Texas community.