July 27, 2017

FBI Hosts Executive Partnership Engagement Conference in Guam

HAGATNA, GU—On July 27, 2017 the Honolulu Division of the FBI hosted a joint information sharing conference for some of Guam’s leading businesses.

This Strategic Partnership Engagement Conference was an opportunity for the FBI and other law enforcement entities to provide the state’s leading industries with unique access to current threats facing the United States as well as specific issues facing Guam. It is part of a national effort led by the FBI’s Office of the Private Sector to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with infrastructure, industry, and security stakeholders.

“Typically, law enforcement challenges are overcome by two elements: meaningful community relationships and coordinated law enforcement response,” said FBI Honolulu Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Tuan Nguyen. “The Executive Partnership Engagement Conference is an opportunity for our office in Guam to enhance both these dynamics. Our experience has shown that the time to build these relationships is not in the midst of a crisis. This conference serves as a building block in establishing meaningful dialog between law enforcement and industry leaders.”

During the conference, law enforcement subject matter experts briefed industry executives about trending threats in the areas of terrorism, counter-intelligence, economic espionage, and cyber intrusions. ASAC Nguyen noted, “We intend for this to be the next step in a long-term relationship we will have with infrastructure and industry in our community.”