Murder Conviction Without a Body

September 25, 2009

A murder conviction but there’s no body.

Audio Transcript

Mr. Schiff: A murder conviction but there’s no body.

Mr. Veazey: “ That is the sixth case in the history of the state of Georgia to get a verdict of guilty on a murder case without a body.”

Mr. Schiff: That’s FBI Special Agent Mark Veazey. He says it was a team effort to get Sam Parker convicted of killing his wife, Theresa Parker.

Mr. Veazey: “ The other agencies involved were the Walker County Sheriff’s and also the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. We also had some assistance from the LaFayette City Police Department. ”

Mr. Schiff: Veazey says the investigation found blood on Theresa’s vehicle and that Sam Parker gave conflicting statements to law enforcement.

Mr. Veazey: “ He had said that he had visited a friend the evening that she went missing and that he was driving his truck all that time. Well, we had witnesses that saw his truck at his home when he said that he was in it .”

Mr. Schiff: A jury found Parker guilty of killing his wife; he was sentenced to life in prison. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau, and that’s what’s happening at the “FBI, This Week.”

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