Craig John Oliver

August 4, 2009

Craig John Oliver collected fraudulently over $2.5 million for 68 confirmed victims in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Maryland. He pleaded guilty to wire fraud and then left town while on bail.

Audio Transcript

Mr. Schiff: Hi. This is “Wanted By the FBI” from the FBI. His name is Craig John Oliver. He’s a construction guy, and FBI Special Agent Jeff Reising calls him a “con man.”

Mr. Reising: “He collected fraudulently over $2.5 million.”

Mr. Schiff: Reising says Oliver would tell a homeowner he could upgrade a kitchen or do a home addition, but collect thousands ahead of time. One Fairfax County, Virginia, case found a woman paying $23,000 upfront and another $28,000 before work began.

Mr. Reising: “We have 68 confirmed victims of Craig Oliver, both in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state of Maryland.”

Mr. Schiff: Reising says Oliver, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud and then skipped out while on bail, may be with his wife, a short, petite, blonde.

Mr. Reising: “Her name is Jennifer Oliver, but in Phoenix ( Arizona), she went by the name Janie Sullivan.”

Mr. Schiff: The Internet is the place to see pictures of Craig Oliver and his wife. Surf over to That’s “Wanted By the FBI” for this week. I’m Neal Schiff of the Bureau’s Office of Public Affairs.

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