Michael Gavin

Acting Executive Assistant Director, Information and Technology Branch 

Michael Gavin is the acting executive assistant director of the FBI's Information and Technology Branch. Most recently, he served as assistant director of the IT Applications and Data Division.

Mr. Gavin joined the FBI in 1995 and was first assigned to the Las Vegas Field Office, where he investigated white-collar crime, violent crime, and organized crime matters. He was a member of the Las Vegas SWAT team, a certified Safe Streets tactical instructor, a firearms instructor, and a tactical emergency medical technician.

Mr. Gavin has broad experience in multiple programs, having served in numerous leadership positions throughout his career. In 2003, he was promoted to supervisory special agent at FBI Headquarters working in the Asian Organized Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigative Division before moving to the Asia desk of the International Operations Division. In 2005, Mr. Gavin transferred to the Mobile Field Office, where he served as senior supervisory resident agent of the Montgomery Resident Agency. He returned to FBI Headquarters in 2008 as an assistant inspector and team leader in the Inspection Division. In 2010, Mr. Gavin was named assistant special agent in charge of the San Francisco Field Office. He was promoted in 2013 to section chief of the Operational Support Section within the Criminal Investigative Division. In 2016, Mr. Gavin was named special agent in charge of the Memphis Field Office.

Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. Gavin worked as a special agent with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

About the Information and Technology Branch (ITB) 

The Information and Technology Branch (ITB) designs, builds, and operates the information technology (IT) infrastructure, applications, and data systems FBI personnel use every day and oversees the cybersecurity functions that keep those systems secure.

ITB staff are spread across three time zones, including the National Capital Region and Clarksburg, West Virginia; to Huntsville, Alabama; and Pocatello, Idaho.

ITB’s technical operations reside in the IT Applications and Data Division (ITADD) and IT Infrastructure Division (ITID).

ITADD builds and maintains FBI software and provides data management solutions to the Bureau’s workforce. ITADD develops applications for case and crisis management, data analytics, data management, and administration. ITADD also provides cloud development solutions and, in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Information Officer, houses the FBI’s cybersecurity operations.

ITID is responsible for the FBI’s core infrastructure—including networks, hardware, and data centers—and provides a wide range of mobility and collaboration tools. ITID also issues access credentials, provides IT support to the FBI workforce, and liaises with IT personnel stationed at FBI field offices nationwide.