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FBI to Re-Examine Gallup Burial Site

FBI Albuquerque June 19, 2009
  • Public Affairs Specialist Frank Fisher (505) 889-1438

On June 29, the FBI is planning to revisit the burial site of an unidentified woman discovered in 1999. The site, on Navajo lands near Gallup, New Mexico, was discovered by two young boys and contained the skeletonized remains of a Caucasian female thought to be in her mid to late 30s at the time of her death. Although investigators noted blunt force trauma to the woman’s chest which may have contributed to her death they are unable to determine if the trauma was intentionally inflicted or sustained as the result of an accident. Investigators believe the woman had been buried for approximately one year before being discovered. Some of the victim's clothing was recovered intact, as well as several pieces of jewelry.

Although the investigations are unrelated, investigators plan to utilize several new gravesite evidence-recovery techniques which were successfully employed during the Albuquerque West Mesa multiple gravesite investigation. While authorities will not share further details regarding the specific techniques, they are optimistic, due to the high degree of similarity between the sites, that these techniques will provide new clues and evidence which may assist investigators in the case.

Forensic drawings of the victim and her jewelry prepared by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department Detective Mary Brazas are shown below (image files are available from the FBI upon request).

Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact FBI Special Agent John Fortunato at 505‐726‐6002.

Facial reconstruction drawing of deceased woman, front view Facial reconstruction drawing of deceased woman, side view Earrings and beaded anklet found with remains