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Information Technology

Information Technology

The events of 9/11 highlighted the FBI’s need for a robust information technology (IT) infrastructure to integrate and manage the FBI’s information across several computer systems. In May 2002, Director Robert Mueller listed “upgrade technology to successfully perform the FBI’s mission” among his top 10 priorities for transforming the FBI. The creation of an Office of the Chief Information Officer and, eventually, an Information and Technology Branch has been coupled with a renewed emphasis on providing superior IT services to all FBI employees and their law enforcement and intelligence community partners. The Information and Technology Branch has made a difference in the way the FBI conducts business today, has changed the culture with regards to IT and how it will be used going forward, and has supported the FBI’s work to protect and defend the nation.


  • In November 2001, the Office of the Chief Information Officer was established and an acting chief information officer was named.
  • In July 2006, the Information and Technology Branch (ITB) was created.
  • In June 2010, Congress approved the ITB reorganization, the final step in an 18-month process to recast the ITB into a business-aligned, service-oriented, and customer-focused organization.

Network Infrastructure

  • The Next Generation Network (NGN) modernized the FBI’s existing network structure, aligning it with current best-industry practices. Circuits were replaced in the field offices, resident agencies, and other FBI spaces throughout the United States. Begun in April 2009 and completed in December 2010, the implementation of the NGN has reduced complexity, improved operational efficiency, and increased communication bandwidth and network availability.

Next Generation Workspace (NGW)

  • NGW deployed best-of-breed workspace technology, including upgraded desktop computers and office suite software; collaboration and real-time communication software; and secure cameras and headsets. After successful pilots, the NGW initiative was completed by May 2011 in all field offices and legal attachés and at FBI Headquarters.

Technical Refresh of Mobile Devices

  • In 2010, more than 25,000 FBI Headquarters and field office staff received upgraded devices to ensure connectivity worldwide and benefit from enhanced mobile capabilities.

Data Integration and Visualization System (DIVS)

  • Created in 2010, DIVS enables special agents and intelligence analysts to quickly find specific pieces of data across numerous databases and datasets from a single sign-on.


  • In July 2010, Phase 2, Segment 4 of Sentinel was deployed FBI-wide, bringing new forms and enhanced capabilities—such as the creation of documents online; the efficient flow of those documents through submission, collaboration, vetting, and approval; the capability to search across all case-related information; and an easy-to-use interface. In October 2010, the program moved to agile development, using the scrum methodology that involves small teams working short development cycles to deliver regular updates in two-week sprints. This ensures quicker development of functionalities and issue resolution.

Network Unified Management Platform

  • With commercial off-the-shelf tools, the ITB has real-time, continuous visibility, reporting, and control for all devices connected to the FBI’s IT enterprise. The platform also provides a suite of systems and security tools for patch, power, software asset, and security configuration management.

Modern Data Center Services

  • Acquired in September 2010, the data center is a turn-key operation that utilizes green technology for cooling and an appropriate amount of floor space and power to meet anticipated needs.

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