Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Orlando Sanchez is wanted for conspiracy in connection with several extortion schemes allegedly perpetrated by himself and three co-conspirators. After a restaurant owner in Upland, California, refused to pay a bribe to a public official, the restaurant was shut down. In October 2009, the owner of the restaurant, in an attempt to re-open the establishment, contacted Sanchez’s co-conspirator to see what could be done. Sanchez advised the owner that $25,000 would be necessary to re-open the restaurant. Separately, in April 2010, Sanchez was involved in a $20,000 extortion attempt against a medical marijuana cooperative. In June of 2010, the FBI executed search warrants at several locations in Upland, and Sanchez provided a confession to the FBI acknowledging his complicity in the conspiracy. Sanchez signed a plea agreement and, in consideration of this agreement, was charged by Information on February 1, 2011, with Bribery and Aiding and Abetting the Offense of Bribery— both felonies. Instead of honoring the terms of his plea agreement, Sanchez fled the United States. He was then indicted by a federal grand jury on Septemeber 7, 2011, and a warrant for his arrest was issued on his indictment the same day by the United States District Court, Central District of California. This indictment charges Sanchez with Conspiracy to Commit Extortion Under Color of Official Right, Extortion Under Color of Official Right, and Conspiracy to Commit Bribery.