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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime, a term reportedly first coined in 1939, is synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.



    Bank Fraud; False Statements to a Federally Insured Financial Institution; Aiding and Abetting and Causing an Act to be Done

    Aviv Mizrahi, along with his co-defendant, Aryeh Greenes, are wanted for their alleged involvement in defrauding financial institutions of $33 million in California, and elsewhere, from February 2004 to June 2008.

    Mizrahi operated and controlled several electronic wholesaling businesses which he alleged held millions in receivables and assets. Financial institutions entered into loan agreements with his companies because those companies granted a security interest in their inventory and accounts receivables. Mizrahi and Greenes allegedly submitted fraudulent documents to lending institutions to obtain or increase loans - including accounts receivable summaries, tax returns, borrowing base certificates and financial statements. He allegedly made false statements to obtain loans or increase existing loans for his companies, including displaying inflated company assets, sales and accounts receivable information which he knew were significantly less than the amounts he represented on documents submitted to the financial institutions. Most of the purported inventory and accounts receivables of Mizrahi's companies did not exist and some of the accounts payable were non-existent. The companies' inventory was auctioned off, but the proceeds only resolved or repaid a small amount of the loans.

    A federal arrest warrant was issued for Mizrahi in the United States District Court, Central District of California, on May 15, 2012, after he was charged with bank fraud, false statements to a federally insured financial institution, and aiding and abetting and causing an act to be done.

    Mizrahi has dual citizenship in Israel and the United States. He may travel to Mexico or Israel.

    • Aviv Shoham Schwartz
    Date(s) of Birth Used: April 3, 1960; March 4, 1960 Hair: Brown (graying)
    Place of Birth: Israel Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 170 pounds Sex: Male
    Build: Medium Race: White
    Occupation: Mizrahi is formerly an electronics wholesaler and may currently manage a Jewish religious center.
    Nationality: Israeli
    Photograph taken circa 2009 Photograph taken in 2009