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White Collar Crime, a term reportedly first coined in 1939, is synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.


    Conspiracy to Commit Securities Fraud and Wire Fraud; Wire Fraud; Securities Fraud

    Florian Wilhelm Jürgen Homm is wanted for his alleged involvement in a market manipulation scheme designed to artificially improve the performance of the Absolute Funds, eight Cayman Islands-based hedge funds managed by Absolute Capital Management Holding Limited (Absolute Capital). From September 2004 to September 2007, Homm, as Chief Investment Officer of Absolute Capital, allegedly directed the hedge funds to buy billions of shares of thinly-traded, United States-based “penny stocks.” Homm allegedly caused many of the purchases of "penny stocks" to be made through Hunter World Markets, Inc. (HWM), a broker-dealer in Los Angeles that Homm co-owned. The allegedly fraudulent conduct caused at least $200 million in losses to worldwide investors in the hedge funds and allegedly netted Homm and his co-schemers more than $53 million via self-dealing trades made through HWM alone. Following allegations made by a whistleblower in 2006, Homm also sold tens of millions of dollars of his own shares in Absolute Capital before resigning from the firm.

    An arrest warrant was issued for Homm on March 6, 2013, by the United States District Court, Central District of California, Los Angeles, California, after he was charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud; wire fraud; and eight counts of securities fraud.

    Homm was arrested in Italy on March 8, 2013, by Italian authorities acting on a provisional arrest warrant after he travelled into the country. While extradition procedures were pending, Homm was released and fled to Germany in June of 2014.

    Homm has visited the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe, especially Germany and Spain, in the past and is likely to travel to these places again.

    • Florian Homm
    • Florian Wilhel Homm
    • Florian Wilhelm Homm
    • Florian Wilhelm Jeurgen Homm
    • Florian Wilhelm Juergen Homm
    • Wilhelm Homm
    • Florian Wilhelm Jurgen
    • Colin Trainor
    Date(s) of Birth Used: October 7, 1959; October 9, 1961 Hair: Brown/Graying
    Place of Birth: Bad Homburg Vor Der Höhe, Germany Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 210 pounds Sex: Male
    Race: White
    Occupation: Homm previously worked as an investor.
    Nationality: German
    Photograph taken circa 2005 Photograph taken circa 2005 Photograph taken circa 2013 Photograph taken circa 2013