Crescent, Iowa
March 29, 2020

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Age 18 to 45
Hair Brown or Black
Eyes Hazel or Green
Height 5'9" to 5'11"
Weight 180 to 240 pounds
Sex Male
Race White


Distinguishing Characteristics: Vertical black tattoo on lower right leg with letters that appear to spell "REAPER."

Clothing/Belongings: Grey and red Under Armor brand tennis shoe, size 13



On March 29, 2020, a right calf with an attached foot and a knee were found in a pond north of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The pond is located near I-680, just east of the Missouri River and the Nebraska state line. A grey and red Under Armor brand tennis shoe, size 13, was attached to the foot. The calf and knee had a vertical black tattoo on the outer side with letters that appear to spell "REAPER."

DNA testing confirmed the calf and knee belong to the same individual; the body parts had been intentionally severed. Forensic anthropology determined the unidentified remains belonged to a middle-aged white male who stood between 5’9” to 5’11” tall and weighed between 180 to 240 pounds. Genetic pigmentation testing suggested it is highly likely the male had brown or black hair and had either hazel or green eyes.

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