Warrenton, Missouri
May 26, 1987

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Age 35 to 45 years old
Height 5'8" to 5'10"
Weight 230 to 245 pounds
Sex Male
Race White


On May 26, 1987, the body of an unidentified White male was found along Highway W in Warren County, Missouri. It is estimated that he had been there for 4-5 days prior to discovery. The victim was found decapitated and his hands were cut off. He had an irregular scar described as being "right of the mid-line," approximately 2" in length. This scar is possibly from an old gunshot wound that was not treated professionally.

The victim was wearing: dark blue, short sleeve, "1987 Rose Bowl" t-shirt, size 1XL; blue jeans (Oscar De La Renta brand, unknown size) were hemmed 2 inches with frayed ends; belt (Justin brand), white Jockey underwear (JC Penny brand), white Nike high top tennis shoes, size 9, possibly new (due to clean soles).

The victim had 82 cents in his front pocket, along with a 1983 gold-colored token from the Kansas City International Airport. It is believed the victim was killed elsewhere and his body was dumped.

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